What Is Anime?

This is an interesting and somewhat complicated question. But the simplest answer is that Anime refers to the Japanese terminology for animation, however outside of Japan it is considered by most as the Japanese counterpart of Western cartoons. Now anime itself has been a part of and influencing the western culture since the 90’s from Disney movies to the actual movie industry however its influence has often been overlooked.

What is Manga?

Manga is in essence the Japanese version of what we refer to as comics. Just like anime, manga can be viewed by any age group of people, from children to adults. Manga can feature many different themes and encompass many different types of genre’s, so this is something both anime and manga share. Some manga published are referred to as Dōjinshi, which is the Japanese terminology for self-published manga projects or novels.

Top Romance Anime

Romance Anime, love it or hate it, you cant deny it adds a new dynamic to literally everything within the anime series. Whether it’s helping the main character get the resolve to continue fighting in a pivotal moment, or adding drama to area’s that’d be otherwise calm and or ordinary.

Top Action Anime

Action anime, there’s nothing more thrilling than watching your favorite characters fight for their lives or for the lives of those they care about in goosebumps instilling fight scenes that are so beautifully animated and produced, right? Right! So than, as I’m sure all of you are aware not every anime is on the same level of quality as some of the more main stream series most people see talked about, that doesn’t mean they aren’t necessarily good.

The Best Mechan Anime You Should Watch!

Mecha Anime, one of my personal favorite anime genres, an opinion shared by a lot of people within the anime community as Mecha anime are; and have been a genre often publicised since the 90’s due to anime series like Gundam and Neon Genesis Evangelion. What are best Mecha Anime? But before we get into the very best mecha anime has to offer, lets talk about what mecha anime is actually all about and what it means to be in that genre of anime.

The Best Of Comedy Anime!

Who doesn’t want to laugh sometimes? Laughing can be the best medicine anyone could take that’s free right? Well something that is carefully crafted to pull out those deep rooted chuckles is comedy anime, be it hit or miss you cant deny anime has a; no pun intended, a “funny” way of displaying the comedy that you cant find anywhere else in normal media.

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