The Best Of Horror Anime

Horror anime.. the best or to some worst thing you could end up watching whilst home alone in the dark. This genre is definitely not for everyone. I can safely say that in most “horror” anime there’s a lot of things depicted within that may or may not haunt your very dreams, or at the very least make you feel faint.

The Best Of Psychological Anime

Just like with my last list, being that of the best horror anime I thought I best delve into the best “Psychological Anime” considering there’s a lot of misconceptions regarding the difference between the two genres. Horror and the psychological genre are actually very different from one another despite them both often having a mysterious plot or events, and maybe even having horrible things happen within the story.

The Best Yuri Anime You Should Watch!

Yuri anime, be it fluff balls of cuteness making you feel all happy all over or, drama filled struggles Yuri anime can pull both sides of emotions. Yuri anime for those of you not knowing is typically a romance anime featuring lesbian relationships. The relationship may not be the main focus as “yuri” is typically a sub genre and not so main as say, action or horror.

The Best Yaoi Anime You Should Watch!

Yaoi anime, or manga depicts the relationships of male on male love, a gay relation. Yaoi however isn’t the only terminology used. many fans also call it “Boy’s Love Anime” there’s also different classifications within yaoi, which I’ll explain before I go any further. The genre’s depicting gay relations in regards to men or “boys” are as follows. Shounen Ai (Or Boys’ Love “BL”) shounen ai is a sub-genre that gained popularity during the ’70s.

The Best Of Ecchi Anime!

Ecchi anime, full of fan-service with attractive anime character getting themselves into horrible situations.. well I say horrible but let’s face it, they’re pretty lucky. I mean, who’d actually say falling on the chest of a bodacious beauty ever a bad thing? Or, having a harem of gorgeous ladies hounding them for love and attention? Sometimes even being very.. “persuasive” if you know what I’m talking about.

The Best Drama Anime You Should Watch!

Drama anime are just so, well for lack of a better word dramatic! Drama anime, or just drama in general are usually something that has the ability to touch our hearts and remind us what its like to feel, be it emotions of sadness, loss, happiness or anger, drama makes these feelings and emotions flow, if done correctly. Which it isn’t hard to see, a good drama will have you in tears while watching.

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