Giant Gundam Moving Robot! and 8 Gundam Merch Ideas

Published in News on 04-02-2021

Giant Gundam Moving Robot!

Was a real Gundam giant moving robot made in Yokohama? YES! See 8 Gundam merch ideas to celebrate the creation of this 25 ton, 60 feet tall moving robot!

Are you a Gundam fan?

You may have heard of the recent giant Gundam robot installation in Japan. This moving Gundam robot was first meant to open in October. However, the pandemic delayed its opening and pushed it to December 19.

This giant robot installation towers over at 60 feet, weighing about 25 tons. Many long-time fans will recognize this as the robot from Mobile Suit Gundam, a 1970 anime series. Like most of its action figures, this large robot has about 24 articulating joints.

Are you looking to celebrate this revolutionary creation with some Gundam merch? Here are some of the best anime merchandise to help you celebrate 25 years of Gundam. These are some of the best Gundam merch ideas for either you or a friend who loves Gundam.

1. Gundam Clothing

If you're looking for a practical Gundam merch, opt for Gundam-inspired clothing. Wearing Gundam anime merch is a great way to express your loyalty to the long-running anime show. Here, you can find some high-quality Gundam shirts and pants to celebrate the new feat.

Our store includes Gundam pajama pants, available in both black and gray. You may also check out our Gundam graphic tee shirts. Check out our Gundam merch designs here!

2. Mobile Suit Gundam WING Manga

Unlike most mainstream anime out there, the Gundam franchise didn't start as a manga. Gundam was an anime that had manga adaptations later in its life. Creators released manga adaptations when fans began looking for more content.

However, this means that not many have read the manga series. If you're part of the population that hasn't read the Gundam manga, this is a great opportunity to start. If you're looking to introduce your kid or friend to the franchise, start with the manga.

The Mobile Suit Gundam WING manga is a retelling of the original anime series. You may also discover new additions that didn't make it into the show.

3. Gundam Modeler Basic Tools

Are you fond of building Gundam models? Whether you're an intermediate or looking to get into the hobby, you need the basic tools. The Gundam Modeler Tool Set contains all the tools you need.

Beginner Gundam builders get almost all the tools they need to start building. If you've been looking for a replacement for your tools, this is a great option. The tools, made from stainless steel and carbon steel, are resistant to some damages.

You get 35 pieces of tools, including clamps, screwdrivers, and a hand drill. You even get a mini-table vise.

4. Havitar Gundam Mug

Another practical Gundam merch idea is a Gundam mug. A Havitar Gundam mug enhances the idea of coffee mug gifts, especially for Gundam fans. The mug, made of PVC on the outside, is a replica of the Mobile Suit Gundam helmet head.

It comes with durable stainless steel for easy cleaning. It can also keep your cold or hot drinks at your preferred temperature for a short period. You may also open and close the lid on top the avoid spilling your drink.

5. Bandai Spirits Gundam Astray Noir

If you've been building Gundam models for a while, you may like the Bandai Spirits Astray Noir. The Bandai Hi-Resolution model is a great way to challenge intermediate builders. Many long-time Gundam fans will recognize the model as Dante Gordigiani.

The model comes with great and impressive detail. With plastic and die-cast pieces, this model will remain durable once assembled. The wings on this model look almost like tiny swords.

When buying this model, you'll find all pieces and frames within the kit. Buyers will also receive the instruction manual and sticker decoration.

6. Generation Cross Rays for Nintendo Switch

Are you a Gundam fan who also enjoys playing the Nintendo Switch? If you haven't already, consider getting Generation Cross Rays. In this game, you can gather all your favorite characters.

This game features characters from various versions of the franchise. This includes WING, SEED, 00, and the Iron-Blooded Orphans series. Generation Cross Rays is a great way to revisit your favorite parts of the franchise.

This simulation game allows you to experience various stories in the Gundam series. Create a unique team and train and develop your Mobile Suits!

7. Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta

Looking to celebrate the giant Gundam robot installation by revisiting the series? If you're planning to binge-watch Mobile Suit Gundam, consider getting the boxed set. The Gundam Zeta set contains 50 limited episodes.

Zeta is a sequel series, meaning that the original series's fans may not like it a first. However, many reviewers state that Zeta is worth the watch. Many even claim that this series surpasses the original one.

The story of Zeta takes place five years after the events in the original Gundam series. It also features a new plot, giving even the oldest Gundam fans something new to look forward to. The collector's edition of this DVD set includes exclusive artwork and a DVD art box.

You may even get a chance to acquire collectible Gundam figures. The collector's edition also includes a Gundam encyclopedia.

8. LED Light Helping Hands Magnifier Station

An LED light magnifier station is something any builder needs. Whether you're a Gundam builder or mini-figure painter, this is a great tool to ease the process. This Helping Hands magnified station comes with a flexible and adjustable magnifying glass.

You can adjust it to any height or angle for optimum comfort. You can rotate between three lenses in the magnifying glass. Even when you're not building, you can use this as a desk lamp.

You're not limited to Gunpla either. You can use this magnifier station for macro photography, repairs, needlepoint, and jewelry!

Gundam Robot Moving

Gundam Merch Ideas to Help You Celebrate

Are you excited about the creation of a real Gundam robot? Here are some Gundam merch ideas to help you celebrate the event! From Gundam clothing to limited collectors' items, mark the creation of a giant Gundam robot.

Looking for more anime-related content and merchandise? Contact us today and find anime merch for all your favorite shows!

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