Is Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Over Hyped?

Published in News on 01-08-2020

So, let’s talk about KonoSuba, specifically regarding whether or not it’s a worthy anime to watch or if it’s over “hyped”. KonoSuba is the obligatory goofball of its season. It’s so over the top, but it manages to execute its quirkiness in a way that’s super hilarious and lighthearted. Instead of pursuing a serious story, it focuses on the slice of life shenanigans that make fun of stereotypes, like character tropes and MMO characteristics. KonoSuba is an amazing anime to just sit down and relax to. Other shows getting on your nerves with their turtle or cheetah pacing? Pop an episode of KonoSuba. Feeling down because you just finished an amazing show, and you have fallen into a show-hole? KonoSuba will cheer you up with its refreshing comedy, and it will get you back into an anime watching mood in no time!

Before we get into anything let me just point out the “Pros” and “Cons” regarding this series, right off the bat.


– Cast of characters are funny and resemble other awesome characters.
– Parody references of MMO mechanics are creative, funny, and now that you think about it, MMOs make no sense at all!
– For a silly series, the animation and art is gorgeous and the soundtrack is awesome too! The ED especially has a Fairy Tail feel.
– Just pure joy comes out of watching this.
– The show is so cliche that it’s anti-cliche.


– There is very little relevant plot.
– Only 10 episodes. Really? Are you kidding?
– Has promises of going somewhere yet never does.
– Since characters are parodies, they don’t have much character of their own and aren’t very unique.

Despite the fact that there is almost no actual story, and that it’s more like a slice of life of a stereotypical MMORPG world, the little events that happen are creative and enjoyable, especially to you hardcore MMORPG gamers out there. Konosuba’s first episode is actually one of the better first episodes in the medium, as it tells you exactly what you’re getting yourself into. The show parodies the mechanics of MMO games to the point of boner inducing laughs, such as highlighting the outrageousness of what MMO skills can do, as well as the randomness and weirdness of MMO events and quests. It also parodies anime by using subtle 4th wall breaks in reaction to what the characters say or do. The show is a parody and the characters know it. Konosuba has this quirk of doing something so stupidly outrageous that you can’t even get mad at it. This show is incredibly self aware of its silliness, and as a result, takes it even higher.

Konosuba has this thing it likes to do, and that’s bring everything full circle for the laughs. And when I say full circle, I mean literally full circle, as in by the end of all the outrageous things happening, the story hasn’t progressed a single step. Even so, there is a sense of a growing bond, perhaps an unhealthy bond but a bond for sure, between the characters, and this is definitely something that progresses throughout the series. Unfortunately, this developing bond leaves the story in the dust. Konosuba is like parkour: it takes the most insane and outrageous route to get to where it wants to go, except it doesn’t go anywhere.


Even silly anime have high budget art and animation, and KonoSuba is proof of that. The animation is actually really gorgeous (for example, the animation of the DNA strands are actually pretty cool!) The characters look like shit but for all the right reasons, Aqua’s design highlights her adorableness and cynical nature. The other characters also have fitting designs for their characteristics, and have some little resemblances to other characters that they could possibly be based off of. However, this is Deen we are talking about, so it never keeps this quality of animation, and it lowers in quality constantly. KonoSuba is one of those shows that actually benefits from its shitty art at times, and the really poorly drawn faces make me laugh that much harder. In fact, I was under the impression that Deen was making fun of their own shitty animation with this series.


The OP is catchy and the ED is amazing. The OST is pretty good, but the main highlight is the Voice Acting. The seiyuus match their characters amazingly, each line is executed with passion and energy. I wouldn’t know for sure, but it sounded like the seiyuus were having a blast. The execution of the punch lines hit home every time. This show is a very loud show, characters are constantly screaming at each other and laughing in distorted ways, and I’m sure it’s tough for the seiyuus’ voices. When it comes to comedy, the jokes are only as funny as how funny it is told, and in this case, it was told well.


This cast is so outrageous, they essentially make the show. Each character parodies a stereotype, and they do it very well. The MC, Kazuma, is the smart but talentless trope who is the only sane one around, and whenever his mindset matches the viewer, which happened a decent amount with me, it made the situations comedy gold. Aqua parodies the dumb but full of potential clumsy character, Megumin is the chuunibyou trope (except not really cause her powers are real) and has a lot of confidence. And of course, Darkness is the obligatory perverted masochist! They take their tropes as far as they can go, and it makes this show that much funnier.

However, gimmicks like these can only go so far. The real value behind these characters are their interactions. These days, character interactions are the base of comedy anime and if the interactions seem unnatural or forced, the jokes can only be so funny. In Konosuba, not only are the interactions very natural and flow well, but they are so god damn unpredictable. Despite the apparently clear cut tropes these characters follow, the interactions end up being stuff you wouldn’t expect. Timing and predictability play as important of a role as the quality of the joke itself, and the cast of Konosuba goes out of their way to execute jokes perfectly.


This show is incredibly refreshing and, most importantly, holds a lot of rewatch value! It’s a good example of a show that is good and feels good.


This show is so fun to watch. If you want a show where you don’t have to think about anything and you can just sit and enjoy whatever is thrown at you, this show’s gotchu! Of course, many watch anime expecting a plot that actually goes somewhere, and Konosuba is definitely not going anywhere, but I implore that you at least give it a shot.

TL;DR: Take out all the flaws of SAO and replace it with comedy, and you get this show!

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