Is Nanatsu no Taizai Worth Watching?

Published in News on 01-08-2020

Action without reason or thought is just a testosterone-trip; complete with flashy powers and fights that drag on for way too long. So, it’s interesting to see an anime that suffers from these clichés and more – but also utilizes them to their fullest extent, giving rhyme and reason to them; which makes the show a whole lot more fun and meaningful than was expected. So with that being said, let’s take a look at Nanatsu no Taizai or The Seven Deadly Sins and see if it’s a series worth investing time into.


The core plot is simply the adventures (and misadventures) of an unlikely team as they traverse the land, looking for other members of a mysterious group known as the “Seven Deadly Sins”. While traveling, the ‘team’ comes across other past members, gets into fights with various characters, help people out, chat, joke and just generally try to have fun and do what is just – while working towards completing their ultimate objective of reuniting all seven and reclaiming the land. The series has a great grasp on balancing the humor, the drama, and the action. One never seems to overpower the other.

The soul of this show though is divided into two aspects: the fights, and the character development (which often ties into the aforementioned aspect). Most of the main characters (and many of the side characters and antagonists) get their time to shine and be developed. Character dialogue, actions, and interactions, as well as fantastic backstories for many of the characters really flesh things out and add a sense of purpose and reason to the story.

Also, things don’t always end up being what they appear to be, and there are many points in the series where completely unexpected things happen that really help make the series more refreshing and less repetitive. But, some parts of the plot are a bit convoluted. Nothing that should detriment the experience, but things can sometimes seem a bit… off.

Lastly, the ending is a bit lackluster, but still thrilling to watch. And, the way it ends leaves it open for the next season, which is by the way also quite fantastic in its own right. But that’s for another list altogether.


The music in the series is more quality over quantity. There are many pieces that are repeatedly used, but they all fit the times and scenes in which they are used and didn’t become annoying. All four of the openings and endings are great and add to the series, rather than being something that most people would skip. Voice acting is also of high quality. No lines felt hammy, forced or otherwise grated on the ears.


The art in ‘Nanatsu no Taizai’ is of an extremely high quality. Action scenes flow well and character designs, facial expressions, backgrounds, etc. are above par. The greatest thing about it though is that the quality is maintained throughout the series.


This is where this show absolutely excels – for most of the characters. A majority of them have unique personalities. They fear things, love things and hate things. They cry, they laugh and they have morals, hopes and dreams. The series does a great job of building most of the characters up and making it feel like these are living, breathing people. The main female character, Elizabeth, has a decent amount of development. But, regrettably, the main male character, Meliodas, does not. He really doesn’t seem to change over the series, and remains – for the most part – an enigma. There is a backstory given to him that helps shine a little light on who he was and currently is, but so many things remain unclear concerning his character that it can be hard to attach yourself to him as the show progresses. Also, he is just too overpowered, which means you never fear for him in any of the action scenes… and therefore lose a lot of potential tension. The secondary characters though – who I won’t name or give details for, as finding out who they are and what they are like is a part of the series’ enjoyment – are the most well developed in the entire series. There’s a great possibility of you coming to love a character you previously hated or vice-versa.


There are a lot of flaws. But even with those flaws, this was still an immensely enjoyable series. It had great fights with meaning to them, great humor, great characters, and some really powerful stories. I was pleasantly surprised by the anime and don’t regret the time I spent on it.


This is a fantastic action-adventure anime and a “sin” (forgive me for the pun, I had to) that I will gladly partake in again soon.

Story: 8
Sound: 8
Art: 9
Sound: 8
Character: 9
Enjoyment: 9


Thank you for reading and I hope you found this helpful, we’ll have new reviews every week.

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