The Best Drama Anime You Should Watch!

Published in News on 01-08-2020

Drama anime are just so, well for lack of a better word dramatic! Drama anime, or just drama in general are usually something that has the ability to touch our hearts and remind us what its like to feel, be it emotions of sadness, loss, happiness or anger, drama makes these feelings and emotions flow, if done correctly. Which it isn’t hard to see, a good drama will have you in tears while watching. Not necessarily due to the feelings of sadness, but a mixture of this and the other many feelings pounding deeply within you. That’s when you know you’re watching a good drama anime! That being said, just because something has the tag drama doesn’t mean it’s good by any means. So if you’re looking for a quality anime, one to bring you on the feels than this is list that will satiate your need for drama!

Here are the best drama anime one could simply find by popular opinion, as that’s what we do here. So without further delay let’s get to this list!

Angel Beats is just one of the many dramatic anime series on this list and for good reason. Angel Beats tackles things anime don’t really elaborate on. things like depression, abuse (physical, or mental) and the after-life. In Angel Beats you watch a group of school kids trapped at a high school for the dead. Here resides both demons and angels, these school students attempt to find there way out of this purgatory only to find out that regret from their former lives is what keeps them trapped within. This anime whilst being very dramatic has a lot of comedy and lighthearted moments, this off sets the powerful and emotional scenes that take place within the series. If you’re interested in a fun, comedic yet dark and dramatic anime series one that has memorable characters and deep character growth, this is definitely the series for you.

Now, this series is one that most people who watch anime should be aware of, even if you’re not into drama. The series in question is none other than Clannad and Clannad After Story. This anime series is guaranteed to make even the most cold hearted of people have watery eyes, more so in After Story. Clannad takes place at a high school, where our main character just transferred in. Later that same day he meets the love of his life, Nagisa a beautiful yet frail girl. After a variety of struggles and emotional issues that’re depicted in the first season of Clannad he finally gets married to Nagisa and starts a family, which is where After Story takes place. Unfortunately things take a turn for the worse and tragedy hits. Clannad and After Story are two very beautiful anime series but, it does pull on the heartstrings a lot some cant even finish the series, but its well worth watching till the end! It’s no wonder this anime series is considered the best Drama anime to date.

Your lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) is yet another anime series featured at high school and teenage’s, one has to wonder.. if so much drama happens this early into ones life, just how much will they then experience in adult life issues, like taxes! No one likes taxes. Your lie in April (or Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) follows the story of Kousei Arima a prodigiously talented young man in the field of music, playing his preferred instrument; the piano most effortlessly and beautifully, however his mother who had supported him through his music suddenly died, leaving Kousei Arima heartbroken. Lost in silence, his connection to music now lost. After two years without music, something he once held so close to his heart, Kousei had resigned himself to this life without music until he met Kaori Miyazono a violinist girl with golden hair. Your lie in April is a more recent title, being released with the last few years unlike the other anime on this list thus far. Your lie in April is an emotional anime, full of beautifully played music and gorgeous animation, it’ll have you in tears by the end and you’ll love it for this. Your lie in April Is definitely a must watch if you enjoy drama or musically inclined anime!

Plastic Memories, a melancholy anime title for a series about robots. You know already that this will be a sad one! Plastic Memories takes place in the future where robots and humans co-exists, these robots being referred to as Giftia which were created by a mega corporation called: SAI. Tsukasa the main character works for this mega corporation with his work partner and fellow Giftia, Isla. Their job is to take expiring Giftia to their resting final resting place as they are working for the Terminal Service Department at SAI. Tsukasa struggles to come to terms with his new position, dealing with dying Giftia knowing that this is the same fate Isla will undergo. Plastic Memories is a tear-jerker, no doubt. This series is quite sad although like Angel Beats it tries to hide the undertone of drama till strategically placed moments where it’ll hit you hard in the feels. You should definitely watch this series if you’re interested in an interesting story and dramatic and emotional themes.

Erased (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi) Is, yet another series that takes place at school however this has a completely different approach and feel to it that the others listed. Erased (or Boku Dake ga Inai Machi) follows the story of Satoru Fujinuma is a high school going teenager but he’s far from normal. Satoru Fujinuma has a rather peculiar power that he himself refers to as “Revival”. This ability can typically be used only in times of great need, like a life-threatening event. With the power only taking him a short burst back in time, no longer than a few minutes. However this all changed once he returned one day to find his mother dead, this event triggers his power reverting him back 18 years into the past, when he was just a child himself. Erased is an anime series full of mystery and puzzling questions so if you’re into drama, mystery and complicated story telling this anime is just for you!

Well guys that’s it for this weeks list! Enjoy!

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