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Published in News on 01-08-2020

Who doesn’t want to laugh sometimes? Laughing can be the best medicine anyone could take that’s free right? Well something that is carefully crafted to pull out those deep rooted chuckles is comedy anime, be it hit or miss you cant deny anime has a; no pun intended, a “funny” way of displaying the comedy that you cant find anywhere else in normal media. The series picked here today are considered the “best” of the genre by general consensus based on varies top lists, votes and really general knowledge. So without further adieu let’s get to this list and see what series will most definitely get you to being laughing hysterically to the point of pain, so be prepared for tears of joy!

1. Gintama

Let’s start with the king of all comedy anime, and if you’re familiar with literally any funny gif online, you’ll know this series well, Gintama. Gintama is one of the longest running comedy anime of all time with over 350 episodes in its repertoire, which is quite a lot especially since Gintama is primarily a parody anime, parodying literally every anime series ever released. Be it large mainstream anime like Naruto or Dragon Ball Z (DBZ). The charm of Gintama is hard to describe, but to try I’d have to mention that the comedy comes from the unique facial expressions, the unrealistic situations these characters get themselves in, great delivery of puns and jokes. Basically everything is perfectly crafted for laughs, even if some episodes are weird / strange to some, there’s bound to be many jokes within the series that’ll hit the funny spot on even the most sternest of people, that’s the magic Gintama. Just take for instance an episode in Gintama, where they snow board on two half naked males, using their underwear to steer, only to find out something.. unfortunate, for the males that is not for us as it was hilarious. Gintama is comedy gold and worth watching, be it the early episodes or later ones, as Gintama doesn’t necessarily continue from episode to episode due to its parody nature so it’s easy to begin watching it even with its large number of episodes.

2. My Ordinary Life (Nichijou)

Next on the list is My Ordinary Life (Nichijou) a slice of life, comedy anime about the school life of a group of girls and the troubles that come with it. From studying for tests, breaking pencils, or tripping over, basically the normal things that can unfortunately happen when attending schooling. However thanks the magic of anime everything can be turned into an epic situation. The series implements a unique simplistic art style that’s not normally seen in anime, but considering the situations that happen within the series it fits so well. This series is comedy gold, from the jokes, the relatable situations they get themselves in, reacting in the way we normal people wish we could. It makes ordinary life seem so much more interesting. Like Gintama, you cant go far without seeing comedic gifs related to this anime and has quite the following of fans behind it. This wasn’t always the case however as the series was initially a flop in Japan, with it only becoming a huge success once making it to the western market. Either way, this is a series anyone looking for laughs should end up watching, you might be in pain and tears after you’re done watching but it’ll be the best kind, tears of joy and laughter.

This series is a strange one, and is actually a more recent title that the rest of series on this list. Sakamoto desu ga? or its English name Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto is yet another comedy anime based around a high-school following the adventures of, you guessed it Sakamoto. The series is all about Sakamoto and how he is the coolest person one could ever meet, from doing simple things like, cleaning, doing school work, eating food, or just existing within the world, he does it the best. This series doesn’t try to take itself seriously and we love it for it. From the strange things that happen within the series, even the character within the series are confused by what Sakamoto can do and it hilarious in every aspect of the word and this is why it’s on the list. If you’re looking for mindless laughing you should definitely watch this series, you wont regret it! Once you’re done you’ll be asking your friends.. haven’t you heard of Sakamoto?

3. Sakamoto desu ga (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto)

4. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (Baka & Test – Summon the Beasts)

We’ve got a theme here for the best comedy series, most of them relate to the ridiculousness of school life and Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu or Baka & Test – Summon the Beasts is no different, it too revolves around school. However the setting of this series is more fantasy, but this makes it no less enjoyable or comedic. Baka to Test is set around a school called Fumizuki Academy where the students are generally rather idiotic, and the summon creatures for battling each other, thus its name (Baka being idiot in Japanese). Within the series we follow the life of Akihisa Yoshii who is generally considered the biggest “idiot” of the whole school and thus is placed in Class F with all the other idiots. Whilst he’s happy to be lazy and remain this way once a cute girl named Mizuki Himeji enters his class of F he finally gets motivated to change his situation and the situation of all the other F students. With the help of Yuuji Sakamoto the students of F begin fighting the ranks within the school with their beasts and thus the comedic journey begins! This series is quite hilarious, however unlike the rest of the series on this list it has more to the story than just comedy. Either way it should definitely be watched if you’re itching for a chuckle!

5. Himouto Umaru-chan

Comedy isn’t just found within schools it seems as Himouto Umaru-chan revolves around a beautiful girl named Umaru Doma. She’s a model student, yet once she arrives home she reveals her true self, cloaking herself in a hamster outfit as she begins binging on chips, cola and participating in gaming or reading manga to pass the time. From a viewers perspective she becomes a chibi’fied version of herself in this form her personality changes and becomes a more mischievous version of herself, which is generally where the comedy aspect comes from, plus she becomes adorable and it’s hard to not find this series enjoyable in my honest opinion. There’s nothing “specific” about this series that makes it funny, everything that happens is just funny and cute. This is a must if you’re running low on fun and laughter and need a quick pick-me-up of cuteness to go along with it.

That’s about it!

This is generally the best of the comedy genre for anime, there are many more but this as I said is the best. I hope you all end up having a great laugh and enjoy the series listed!

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