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Published in News on 01-08-2020

Horror anime.. the best or to some worst thing you could end up watching whilst home alone in the dark. This genre is definitely not for everyone. I can safely say that in most “horror” anime there’s a lot of things depicted within that may or may not haunt your very dreams, or at the very least make you feel faint. Yes, horror anime uses a lot of violence and gore typically, so if you’re not into gore but want a thrilling story with some, shall we say mystery or drama / dark elements you should probably watch some psychological anime instead of a horror anime. Despite the fact there’s a lot of psychological tags found within horror anime they are actually different. The difference is, again the violence and gore level.

So now that you’ve been warned ahead of time you should probably get comfortable and get ready for the best that horror, anime has to offer at least based on a general consensus. I will of course voice my personal opinions as well but after the list!

Like with any form of media vampires are always on the top list for horror, no doubt due to the sheer nature of vampire’s being, beings of un-death, surviving on the life blood of any hapless individual (or teenager, if we use more modern media) they come across to sustain their existence. Anime for the most part remain true to this rule of thumb with most vampire’s depicted within anime either having violence or sexual themes. Hellsing is one example of this and is a classic horror anime, full of body dismemberment, violence, sexual themes, great voice-acting be it the original Japanese dub or the English, crass language, swearing, maniacal laughs and mad men. Basically everything you’d want to see if you’re looking for a dark-humored, action horror anime. Hellsing tells the story of Alucard a vampire slayer who happens to be a vampire himself, and he works for the organisation Hellsing run by Integra. This organisation is humanities last hope to fight against the terrors of the night and well, it’s a damn blast to watch through, be it the ultimate addition of the anime or the original. There’s of course a lot of information I am leaving out as to not spoil anything. This series whilst having violence and gore it has.. more of a reason or purposes to it then some of the other horror anime out there, which makes the series feel more wholesome and less like you’re watching a final destination movie.

Next we’ve got the best.. horror anime one could ever watch as I doubt any anime will ever top its level of.. horror or at least that’s what I’m hoping for. Corpse Party is an anime series that’s based of a video game of the same name. It follows the story of a group of school kids / teenagers, yes there’s kids in this; that visit their school after dark to perform a farewell ritual that’s common amongst the kids. They do so by using paper charms shaped like little cute dolls and if you’ve watched any horror flick you might know where this is getting at. Once they perform this they enter a new dimension to the old school that used to exist at the very same spot as their current school, it was at this school; Heavenly host academy where a bunch of murders happened which lead to its demolishing. Now trapped within the school, they must survive against the spirits of the dead, and fight to keep their own very sanity lest they join the souls of the forever damned. Corpse party is by far one of the most disgustingly horrific anime series within this list, there’s gruesome death scenes that show everything, from eyes popping out, guts flying around, realistic screams of horror as unspeakably horrible acts are committed to these cute little school kids. This is definitely not a series for the faint of heart. This is by far the most extreme horror anime as the story revolves around the characters slowly dying off one by one each in a new and horrific way. So in essence final destination, anime style. The mysterious story looming over this series may draw you in but most end up finishing the show (if you manage to finish) with an upset stomach and in dire need of watching cat videos, you’ve been warned.

Less depressing on our list is Tokyo Ghoul and by less depressing I mean only slightly. Tokyo Ghoul is, much like Hellsing a horror anime that does feature adult themes such as, violence, murder, gore, sexual themes, swearing and etc but still has the makings for an actual thought provoking story instead of mindless violence for violence’s sake. This anime series follows Ken Keneki as he becomes a ghoul and the struggles that come with being a creature that feeds on the flesh of humanity as their only way to survive. Normal processed and cooked meals, or the flesh of animals cannot be digested within their body. Ghouls also possess incredible power and special abilities that humans are afraid of and due to their status as predators of humans, ghouls were prosecuted by the CCG. The CCG being an organisation that hunts down potential ghouls where they will either arrest or kill them on sight, most of the time killing being the option chosen. Tokyo Ghoul has multiple season by now and is a very popular series due to the drama and psychological elements, the music score which is amazing even to non-fans of the series, then there’s the amazing action scenes which are gorey, violent and a treat to watch. This series is a roller-coaster of emotion. The amount of emotion pulled from this series is amazing and its a testament to the creator for making a fantastic series with an amazing story.

I feel as though no list is complete without mentioning both Higurashi When They Cry and Elfen Lied as both these two series ushered us into a new age of horror anime. Typically before the release of these series you could tell what a series would be like based on animation and theme. Entering into Higurashi When They Cry or Elfen Lied both give you a sense of normalcy masking the violent themes behind cute anime faces, mysterious story elements leaving the viewer shocked when the horrific scenes are actually committed. This is another reason why these series are considered classics and really set the stage when it comes to yandere characters.

There are other series worth being mentioned like Future Diary, Shiki, Yami Shibai and lastly Another. When I make a top list for the top 10 best horror anime, maybe I’ll go into some more detail on them! So, these are generally what is considered the best horror anime has to offer, if you can handle it you should probably go ahead and watch them. Just be ready for nightmares.

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