The Best Of Psychological Anime

Published in News on 01-08-2020

Just like with my last list, being that of the best horror anime I thought I best delve into the best “Psychological Anime” considering there’s a lot of misconceptions regarding the difference between the two genres. Horror and the psychological genre are actually very different from one another despite them both often having a mysterious plot or events, and maybe even having horrible things happen within the story. As I mentioned in the horror list the plain difference between the two is the level and detail of the gore scenes, even the quantity. Okay, so now that’s out the way we should probably go into this list, right?

The first on our list is none other than the Code Geass series. Both seasons have enough psychological elements for you to need a moment and collect your thoughts. The series is about Lelouch a prince from Britannia and his quest to well.. get them back for everything they put him and his younger sister through. He becomes the icon for the 11’s living in Japan. The name the Britannia’s used to rename the Japanese people in Japan, a way of degrading them to a basic number, kinda mean if I due add. Either way he takes on the mantle of “Zero” (again a play on a number, which is funny.) and begins liberating Japan from Britannia, doing this he gets the help of Japan in his quest to take down Britannia without them being the wiser of who he is or why he’s actually liberating Japan. The series starts off rather simple, starting off at school with simple school elements you’ve probably seen in many different anime series. However it gets quite dark especially when the main character has the ability to make anyone do anything by simply ordering you, due to the power of Geass gifted to him by CC or C2. This series and its second season are both a must if you’re looking for a story that has memorable characters and emotional depth. It’s a thought provoking series as it gets you to ask the question, who are the real villains?

Next on our list is no doubt something everyone could of guessed. It’s none other than Death Note.. shocking I’m sure. Death Note is the poster child for all psychological anime out there, I mean it spawned so many incarnations since its release, having TV series based on it, Movies as well, plural mind you. There’s even versions of this released in America. Death Note is an anime that has international success and rightfully so as it is an incredible series. Death Note follows the story of Light Yagami a student who’s sense of justice is a little bent out of shape.. this was of course perfectly fine as he kept these thoughts to himself until he finds a Notebook on the floor called a Death Note, inside had very specific instructions. The Death Note will kill anyone whose name is written inside in the way you ask, or if you don’t specify they’ll die of a heart attack. Of course Light Yagami takes it upon himself to save Japan from the criminals that think they can get away with anything. This is yet another series that makes you question who are the real bad guys of the series, Light? Or the people stopping him from ridding the country of criminals that hurt the innocent. Or the simple question, who can keep the Justice in check if not for justice itself? Death Note is an amazing series and a must watch if you like psychological anime.

The next series on the list is a rather old series but is no less impressive than anything else of this list. The series in question is Monster. Monster is a series that is well rooted in reality, maybe even the closest psychological series to realism one could find. Either way Monster’s story follows Dr Tenma a doctor that is given the most difficult decision for a well respected and renowned doctor in the world of medicine could possibly make, one that could effect his position as a doctor at the hospital he works. The question is none other than who he should save, the life of their very own mayor or that of a dying young child. Only one can be saved and Doctor Tenma, deciding the life of the child follows through with his decision thinking it to be correct only to later find out that there’s imminent consequences for this action. The child he saved will grow to become someone who will be the very destruction of his existence, causing havoc throughout his life and for everything he holds dear. The story of Monster is a classic, with many considering it the best psychological anime out there to watch. Monster is a series that definitely pushed the mind of humans and makes you ask and question why we do what we do as humans and our society system. If you’re looking for something that makes you question everything we’ve come to know as a society then Monster is the series you’ve been waiting for.

Now there’s Mirai Nikki (Or Future Diary) This series can be summed up by a simple word “madness”. The characters within this series and the things that happen within are literally crazy, which isn’t that shocking considering that the characters within the series are playing a game that will determine who will be the next god. To win? It’s simple! Simply be the last one alive, be it from killing the others, surviving long enough the rest kill each other off or simply being lucky, either way losing isn’t an option as it means death. Keep in mind almost everyone on this list are impressionable teenagers. You can imagine what a death game will do to your mind, anyone remember a movie The Hunger Games? Yeah. Either way the characters within the series are given a diary that can predict the future, they will use this to prevent their own death and continue playing the game. Amano Yukiteru is the main character and he is a 14 years old. He by mistake enters this death game to become a god, only to see a “dead end” in his future diary and unexpectedly survive. This makes him the target for all the remaining future diary holders. As I mentioned this series is crazy and a thrilling psychological anime to watch, just don’t go crazy over it.. there’s enough craziness within this.

These series are compiled from a varies sources and is thus a general consensus of what is considered the best of Psychological Anime, I hope you enjoyed the list!

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