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Published in News on 01-08-2020

Romance Anime, love it or hate it, you cant deny it adds a new dynamic to literally everything within the anime series. Whether it’s helping the main character get the resolve to continue fighting in a pivotal moment, or adding drama to area’s that’d be otherwise calm and or ordinary. While sometimes the drama found within these series can feel somewhat forced leaving you face-desking as you ask yourself and the screen “how could you be so dense or stupid?” instilling actual rage in some viewers as their favorite characters make sometimes idiotic choices; sometimes recovering from these mistakes sometimes not. Either way It goes to show just how much influence and pull this genre has over its viewers. It truly doesn’t matter if it’s acted by real actors or animated, the emotions anime pull out are beautiful and a real testament to the writers and animators of these series.

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So then the question is what are the Romance anime you should watch and which ones should you safely tuck away never to be seen. Because whilst Anime can be emotionally thrilling and impactful, the other spectrum of anime is not as glamorous, teetering on, for lack of a better word garbage. Now, everyone has they own individual opinions of what could be considered the very best romance anime, so whilst I will list my personal favorites later in this list I will be pulling these anime series from a list of what is generally excepted amongst the anime community to be the very best of the romance genre.

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Warning ahead, teary eyes and fuzzy feels are some of the symptoms of a good romance anime, beware it is contagious. So here is generally what is considered the best romance anime thus far.

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Your Lie in April or its Japanese name, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. This anime series was aired as of October 10th, 2014 and finished its 22 episode run by March 20, 2015. This studio behind this masterpiece is none other than A-1 Pictures the very same people behind the Sword Art Series, Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist), Fairy Tail, My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute (Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai), and the Black Butler series (Kuroshitsuji). All of these series being quite popular in their own right and these are but some of the series they’ve been apart of. The list is merely too long to mention all of them. To return to Your Lie in April, it’s an inspirational tale yet dramatic story of Music and love. Music being something that can instil emotions form a single note. From despair to great happiness, it can remind you of your forgot memories and feelings. Music is powerful and this anime shows this while we watch the main characters progress through their journey to overcome their past and maybe even strive to achieve a brighter future. This series is filled with romantic feels any romantic fan would love, if a little dark.

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Then we have Snow White with the Red Hair or (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime) Snow White with the Red Hair is a Japanese spin on the tale of Snow White, a story well used in many media sources from blockbuster Movies to TV Series and now anime has a spin on this classical tale, and it realistically couldn’t have been done any better, it’s a beautiful anime series. Unlike Your Lie in April this has two seasons, 12 episodes each with the first season being aired on July the 7th, 2015 ending by September 22nd, 2015. The second season which ends the fantastic series which aired January 12th the next year in 2016 lasting till March 29th, 2016. To give a summary of this series, or fairy tale: It’s the story of Shirayuki a cheerful and beautiful red-haired apothecary working at her herbal shop. She lives in the country of Tanbarun where she attracts the attention of the prince of Tanbarun, she runs from his pursuit, cutting her hair and fleeing, with the help of Zen Wistalia. The story is less dramatic than a lot of other romance series, it is more on the lighthearted side, which is a refreshing change, sometimes you just need a fairy tale.

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Clannad: After Story, something most people in the anime community are aware of, or have at least heard of at some point, for good reason. Clannad: After Story is the continuation to the Clannad series depicting what happens after the story ends and it all fades to black, for Clannad: After Story it’s not as one would have expected. This series is an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, definitely something that pulls on the heart strings. This series isn’t for the faint of heart as it has more drama than romance but romance is nevertheless the whole tone of the anime series. Clannad: After Story aired October 3rd, 2008 finished at March 27th, 2009 after 24 episodes. This series is a must, not just for those whom love romantic tales or dramatic, emotional driven stories, this series is something I feel most can relate to no matter the person. Clannad: After Story is definitely one of my personal favorites.

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Next we have Toradora, this cute and fun loving anime is not as it seems from the surface, from the beautiful yet cutefully styled art style incorporated in this anime series. Toradora is more comedic than the rest of the romance series on this list thus far but it makes it no less enjoyable or emotional. Toradora is a romantic comedy that masks a lot of drama. The story follows a strange duo as they embark on a quest for love helping each other win the affections of their respective crushes, even forming an alliance in the process which leads the main characters closer than they’d ever had thought. Toradora aired Oct 2nd, 2008 end by March 26th, 2009 with a total of 25 episodes.

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These are just some of what is considered the best romance anime to date, but their are many more out there. Like Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (Maid-sama) or my personal favorite, Romeo x Juliet. These series are all beautifully written and animated, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into the narrative, whether you watch it for a laugh with some romance, like with Kaichou wa Maid-sama, or for a drama filled poetic romance story like Your Lie in April or Romeo x Juliet. Either way, there’s a series for everyone.

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