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Hey Everyone is Francisco Pena CEO and Founder of Otakuchan.com. You loved something you saw but you got some questions & concerns

1. About Otakuchan.com

Otakuchan.com is a retail experience created for fans of Anime, Games, Comics and Cartoons. We carry 100% officially licensed EXCLUSIVE apparel, accessories, and more from the biggest companies like Crunchyroll, Nintendo, Marvel, LucasFilm and many more.  💯

We started Otakuchan.com to create one spot for all otakus that are fans of any type of art from Anime, Games, Comics or Cartoons you can find it all in our website.

2. Our quality – Design is king

We 100% focus our energy & clothing decisions on how the design comes out.When we decide on partners, we want to know about their printing quality. This includes their equipment, garments they use, experience, process, and facility, to ensure our detailed designs look fresher than anything out there

3. Our prices reflect our quality

We know you expect to receive the highest quality merchandise, so we dedicate a lot of time making hundreds of high-quality artworks for your favorite shows. We employ fashion experts to match the best colors and artwork to ensure you receive the most accurate representation of your favorite characters while also staying within the legal guidelines of our partnered studios. ✌️ 

By buying from us you contributed to fair labor practices and ethical wages for our printers and manufacturers and the environment, as your order was created using an eco-friendly printing process. ❤️

4. When you should expect to receive your order

We send your order to our partners & they get to work on it. Average production time is about 2 – 3 business days (in rare cases it can take up to 7). It goes through a quality check before being shipped out to you with USPS ~ 3 – 5 business days shipping. ✌️

5. We try to keep it real here at Otakuchan

We have nothing to hide here. Have other questions? contact us. We have all our policies at the footer of the site. Let us know what you like and what you want to see more of. Would love for you to try our stuff out, it’s definitely what makes us happy.

Much Love,
Francisco Pena

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